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Mar 22

The “Data Scientist” explained: more than just a buzzword

We live in a brave new world where people possess far more data than ever before in history, but the amount of information we have per unit of data has never been lower. As people struggle to make sense of all this data, several new terms emerged, such as: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Map-Reduce, and …

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Feb 24

Update: Sunshine in Chicago compared to Anchorage and Miami

I updated the last post to include a link to the source code, and updated the plots with attribution to the data source, timeanddate.com Based on Jim’s comment on the last post I thought it would be easy to re-run the analysis for Anchorage.  However, the Anchorage data was more difficult to handle, due to …

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Feb 24

Sunshine in Chicago

My favorite day of the year is December 21, because that’s the day where the days finally start getting longer. I’ve always wondered how quickly we gain and lose time as the seasons change, and so I thought I would try “scraping” the data off the web.  Here is that result: Although it’s interesting to …

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Feb 17

Getting started with R

I finally posted my guide to “getting started with R. Now I need to spend some time to figure out “permalinks” in WordPress to make the link simpler and less likely to changet.

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Jan 30

Installing StatET

About StatET and Eclipse StatET is a powerful plug-in that allows you to use R inside the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as Eclipse. The features in Eclipse make it easier to write code in R, unless perhaps you’re already using something more sophisticated. Eclipse has a reputation for having a “steep learning curve”. However, …

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