Geneorama package now available

I now have a geneorama package available.  It’s not on CRAN, because it’s not even remotely documented. I do hope to do that at some point, but not today.

You can install it by simply opening up this file!

Be warned: Opening this file will modify your file (located in R\Rversion\etc).
The script will add the text “library(geneorama)” to end of the profile file, if it doesn’t already exist, which will automatically load the geneorama package when you start R. Geneorama.RData

EDIT (2018): Do not install this way (I have removed the file so that you can’t download it). Use `devtools::install_github(“geneorama/geneorama”)` instead.

The installation works on both a PC and a mac.  The automatic installation uses the .First function to simply copy the library files to your R Program file location.

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