Guide to using Easy Install in Python from “sadphaeton”

While casting about looking for resources to get Numpy working (more about that later), I found a cool blog.  The author  knows what he’s talking about AND has a very down to earth tone; a very rare combination.

I had Python and Numpy working for the most part, but the “easy_install” command was still a mystery. I kept seeing installation instructions various packages that said “just use easy_install”.  I’m thinking “Thanks jerks. Where and how do I use this ‘easy_install'”??  The very name “easy_install” seemed to mock me at every encounter.

As it turns out, you use it from the command window (the DOS prompt on Windows or Terminal on Mac).  Not in the Python shell.  Also, you just type “easy_install [package name]”, and the command find the URL for you (apparently located somewhere in Python heaven).

Here are the kindly posted instructions that saved me:
Part 1 – Installing Python (I didn’t use this, but it’s helpful anyway)
Part 2 – Installing Modules in Python