Sunshine in Chicago

My favorite day of the year is December 21, because that’s the day where the days finally start getting longer.

I’ve always wondered how quickly we gain and lose time as the seasons change, and so I thought I would try “scraping” the data off the web.  Here is that result:

Although it’s interesting to note to see where the days are getting shorter and longer, something else grabbed my attention along the way to this graph.  I was interested by the effect of daylight savings on our day.

In my younger days I loved that magical weekend when we “gained an hour”, because it felt easier to wake up for at least one Monday a year.  These days I feel much more anticipation for the spring ahead weekend, when we regain our fair share of sunshine.

Here’s what our days look like currently (with daylight savings):

Here is what our days would look like without daylight savings:

Source code:

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